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The year was 5098XAR and the human species in the future have spread out across the Milky way galaxy. The many races of man, modified for each planet, has started a campaign to start the first exo-galactic colonization attempt. Intercepting the transitions a race of ancient god-like aliens, Known only as "The Beings", saw this as a threat to their power, descend upon the humans empire, engaging in mankind's final interplanetary war. Although they fought valiantly the human worlds soon fell. As punishment for this attempt at the throne, the Beings geneticly altered the humans. Most were made into servants to serve the Beings on their ships while the rest were destroyed. Though the did not wipe them out completely. Using their own genetically alter DNA, the humans created microscopic creatures, biggest being a few cells total, to kick start evolution again, for the Beings were steilizing the planets as they fought. As earth fell, the last humans sent capsules to each of the planets in hope of life returning to their once great empire. As the Beings left the were content in the fact that they, after a long war and many loses, had defeated their geatest enemy...

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